This is where I tell you all about myself.

Born and raised in Southern California, my experience with art and design goes back to my youth when I began creating my own video game characters in the margins of my schoolwork. From that exuberance for creation I was able to graduate with a BFA of Illustration with emphasis on Animation from Laguna College of Art & Design in 2008.

After exhibiting cartoon-based artwork in several group shows and finally a solo exhibition of artwork and prints in 2010, I landed a job working as an in-house designer of one of the largest apparel printing facilities in Orange County, Melmarc Products Inc. There I developed a technical proficiency for accurate reproduction of graphics for silkscreen and sublimation printing for brands such as Stüssy, Bathing Ape, Lifted Research Group, Pink Dolphin, Tommy Bahama and numerous other licensed properties up to 2014.

That year I was offered a position at R&R Industries, another apparel and hard goods printing facility that catered to the construction industry. Here I was able to utilize my silkscreen expertise in developing workflows for the operators of new direct-to-screen equipment, along with operating die-cut vinyl transfer plotters and producing images used in pad printing methods.

Unfortunately I was laid-off from that role in the spring of 2015, which allowed me to reconnect with a former colleague from Melmarc who offered me the opportunity to work with a local non-profit organization, Eastbluff EDADs, that helps provide schools with technology upgrades and was in need of branding and promotional content for print and digital use. I was thrilled to not only develop the logo for the organization, but to also create my first digital assets for use in email marketing campaigns

From that partnership, I was offered a job by the end of the summer to work at Signco Anaheim, which was another print facility that needed my knowledge of producing banners, promotional goods & screenprinted materials to manage all aspects of production for the company. There I learned how to effectively coordinate production schedules for a wide variety of graphical applications, including vehicle graphics, building signage, in-store displays, street signs, license plates, events booths, patio umbrellas and lots more! I was also encouraged to develop concepts for building signage and creative in-store displays, which allowed me to scratch the creative itch while pushing the boundaries of my technical abilities.

Though the work was challenging, the lack of any support from a creative team made things difficult and by the end of a year I was happy to accept an offer to work in Restaurant Depot ‘s Art Department. In the past 4 years I have been primarily working on publishing flyers for in-store and direct mail distribution, but I’ve also been able to get involved with email/social media marketing, content creation, product photography, package design, and even a few motion design clips for the company’s Instagram account.

One project that I will always remember was creating the package design for a 5 gallon tub of ice cream, I was in charge of developing the concept, conferring with the buyers of the product on how to best suit their design brief and producing the print-ready artwork. The last step was rather tricky in that the package was created with the material on a bias so that the exact angle from the manufacturer had to be adhered to in order for the the artwork to not be out of line with the seam of the finished carton.

Something I hadn’t expected to find from working in all these companies and organizations was an enduring creative partnership with my fellow founding principal of Moonman Studio, Jose Rodriguez. Since founding our agency in 2019 we have had the opportunity to zero in on creating packaging, branding and web solutions for primarily food suppliers with ambitions to reach into new markets and share our results-oriented approach to designing with optimum engagement of a target client top of mind.

If you’re still with me this far, I’d just like to add that whatever brought you to this point means that you have invested your valuable time in learning nearly all there is to know about me in a professional capacity, so I would invite you to allow me to return the favor by reaching out via the contact info below and joining me for a chat over a cup of coffee (my treat, of course) or over the phone (or whatever method of contact you prefer) so that I can learn more about you and how I might be of some service.

Thanks again for sticking with me and please follow @tdf_creative on Instagram for any new works, updates or announcements if you would like.